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Ashley brings over eight years of experience and expertise in positive psychology, counseling and career services to helping others overcome challenges to establishing meaningful and fulfilling lives. Ashley holds a Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology from the Flourishing Center and a Master of Arts in Counseling from San Jose State. She combines this with her undergraduate education in media studies from University of California, Berkeley, which led her to focus on how the media and other influences impact our happiness.

Ashley’s background includes close to seven years as a career counselor at University of California, Davis and for the EDD helping students and the general public discover meaningful career paths. She has extensive workshop facilitation and teaching experience in higher education, for professionals and for the general public using both in-person and online formats. Some highlights include positive psychology presentations at 3 major professional conferences and for staff at multiple UC departments, success courses taught at several California Community Colleges, a multitude of career-related workshops for the EDD One Stop Career Center program and UC Davis and a first-year course and mentorship program to increase retention and academic success. She also volunteered for several years as a Wellness Ambassador and Mindfulness Ambassador for WorkLife, designing and implementing programs for staff to increase employee wellness.

Through her work, Ashley has seen the impact unhappiness, including depression and anxiety has on employees, youth and individuals. Her mission is to combine her unique background in positive psychology, counseling, career services and media studies to helping others overcome unhappiness in their work, personal and academic lives. She hopes that by doing so, she can help people connect with each other, find purpose, and live authentically in accordance with their values.

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