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Ashley is trained as a Buddhist Eco-Chaplain through the Sati Center and her focus is to support people in developing healthy, compassionate, and mutually supportive relationships with each other and with the natural world through spiritual care and ceremony in nature. Through this program, she developed the ability to work personal, collective and eco-grief, how to offer experiences in liminal space to grow beyond ourselves and remember our interconnectedness, deep listening, and reciprocal living. She has a counseling background (APCC10661), training in somatic social justice through Education for Racial Equity, and somatic healing, and psychedelic assisted psychotherapy. She has been trained in mindfulness approaches and related teachings. Through her experiences, retreats and daily practice, she is able to offer trauma-informed grounding practices as an anchor for spiritual understanding. Ashley believes in the power of movement; ecstatic dance, music and other art to help us heal ourselves and our human and more-than-human world.

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