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Ashley offers a standard set of interactive workshops to improve outcomes for your workplace, educational institution or community. Available individually or as a series. Remote workshops available via Zoom or Skype platforms. All offerings can be customized to fit your audience or organizational needs.


Four Categories, Fully Customizable: All workshops can be targeted to the audience; specific information and examples are included for the workplace, educational institution or population. Introductory workshops provide an overview of positive psychology and media education research and interventions. Topical workshops take an in-depth and hands-on approach to providing practical tools to help your population make strides toward happier, more authentic living and working.


Studies have shown that happy employees are up to 20% more productive as well as being more creative, loyal and collaborative. Cultivate employee happiness through workshops based in the science of positive psychology.

  • Overview of a Happy Workplace

  • Growth Mindset  and Praise

  • Engagement, Meaning and Motivation 

  • Gratitude

  • Self Compassion

  • Managing Media Messages

  • Mindfulness

  • Creating Community at Work and at Home

  • Redefining Success in the American Workplace

1.5 hour workshop: $1300*

Retreats, Series, Packages, Events: $2400-$6000


Educational professionals experience stress and burnout due to the high demand and impact of their work. These workshops will provide skills for self care and workplace happiness, but also specific approaches that can be used with students inside and outside the classroom.

  • Overview 

  • Growth Mindset  and Praise

  • Engagement, Meaning and Motivation 

  • Gratitude

  • Self Compassion

  • Managing Media Messages

  • Mindfulness

  • Creating Community, Overcoming Isolation

  • Redefining Success for Our Students, Ourselves

1.5 hour workshop: $1200*

Retreats, Series, Packages, Events: $2200-$6000


Research has demonstrated that young people, particularly students have higher rates of anxiety and depression than the general population. Youth also have higher rates of media consumption and the associated negative mental health outcomes from media usage. Unhappiness impacts educational outcomes, decision making abilities, career development and physical health. The following workshops seek to address the cultural and environmental contributors to youth unhappiness and provide tools for them to increase flourishing.

  • Introductory Workshop

  • Self Compassion

  • Creating Community, Overcoming Isolation

  • Redefining Success

  • Growth Mindset

  • Mindfulness

  • Media Management

  • Gratitude

1.5 hour workshop: $1000*

Retreats, Series, Packages, Events: $1900-$6000

Modern Stairs


Most hope that they can find a fulfilling job, but many do not know where to begin. Using the science of happiness combined with years of experience in career development, these workshops will get job seekers on the right path. 

  • Finding a Meaningful Career

  • Choices: Career and Planned Happenstance

  • Assessing Interests 

  • Assessing Values

  • The Joyful Job Search 

1.5 hour workshop: $1300*

Retreats, Series, Packages, Events: $2500-$6000





*Introductory pricing may be available. All prices subject to change. Additional fees may be added for out-of-state travel, overnight accommodations, etc.


Changing from a fixed mindset (you have it or you don’t) to a growth mindset (I can learn and practice to become more talented, skilled, intelligent, etc.) can help employees and individuals become more productive, open to feedback, and willing to take on new challenges and growth opportunities. This workshop also looks at the best way to offer praise in order to promote a growth mindset.


Social comparison and perfectionism have been shown to be correlated with unhappiness, inefficiency, poor employee relations and anxiety. Self-compassion helps individuals overcome these pitfalls through changing how they view themselves and manage challenges. Workshop includes instruction in cultivating a self-compassion practice and an exploration of self-esteem vs. self-compassion.


Employees who derive meaning from their work are more focused and over three times as likely to stay with their organization. This workshop incorporates research on intrinsic vs. extrinsic motivation, Seligman’s Pleasurable Life, Good Life, Meaningful Life concept, Mihaly’s Flow research, and other studies and interventions to create meaning and engagement in the workplace or community.


Everyone wants to "have it all," but studies are showing that this way of thinking may be damaging to our well-being and motivation. This workshop explores the impact of our cultural definitions of success and provides solutions to identify our own authentic core values and make decisions that will allow us to feel fulfilled and contribute to our organizations and communities

Workshop Descriptions


Humans evolved to be social creatures, yet our culture is more isolated than it has been for decades. Not having a strong support system impacts our levels of happiness, work engagement and mental health outcomes. This workshop will focus on the pitfalls of isolation and suggest ways to connect with others in meaningful ways at work or school and at home.


Studies show that mindfulness improves focus and productivity, as well as having the potential to reduce stress, anxiety and depression and even change the structure of our brains. Mindfulness research, techniques and resources are explored.


The media plays a huge role in how we see ourselves, others and the world around us, but many of its messages are detrimental to our happiness. In our ever-connected digital age, current research shows that social media and entertainment media can contribute to depression, anxiety and negatively impact measures of success. This workshop will explore the current research, provide strategies for regulating media use and offer solutions for understanding and analyzing media messages to reduce their emotional impact.


Being thankful for what we have is a powerful practice for cultivating happiness, but it has also been linked to fewer health complaints, less sick days, and higher satisfaction with our jobs and coworkers. This workshop explores the research and provides easy, daily gratitude practices that will help you develop a more positive workplace, institution or community.

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